The Quartermaster and Hyena

Mood: funny

Locale: town

Appearance: This inn is so small it's a wonder anyone can even enter it.

Size: The Quartermaster and Hyena has 2 rooms and 2 patrons.

On the Menu

Meatballs On Rice with Red Wine

Why no spaghetti?


As you conclude you business in the privy, you notice some parchment between the floorboards. You pull it and realize it's a map.

Imra Irian and Siveth Irian appear to be frantically searching for something they lost


Dorwyth Haevaul

Male Elf Warrior

Always adjusting his... man parts.

Humph. I should have just slept in the forest.

Bilip Stonefeet

Female Dwarf Paladin

Can't hold her liquor

By my beard, this is the poorest excuse for an ale I've ever seen!