Sandar's Tavern

Mood: comfortable

Locale: port city

Appearance: Someone started painting the deck out front but the job is only half complete.

Size: Sandar's Taphouse has 4 rooms and 3 patrons.

On the Menu

Meatballs On Rice with Red Wine

Why no spaghetti?


You smile at the handsome barman as he pours your ale. Just as you think tonight will turn into a good one, he lunges at you with his dagger!

Birke Gurlad and Gloin Chainbelly looked directly at you as you walked in.


Jasek Caskgrip

Male Dwarf Warrior

Has eleven minions that follow him around.

By the beard of...! Oh never mind, I thought you were someone else.

Dorkoraz Urgaad

Male Troll Mage

Tattoos cover his face and arms.

What I lack in beauty I make up for in brute strength.

Gloin Ashtank

Male Dwarf Priest

Compulsively shuffles a deck of cards.

A spot by the fire, wench!