The Bagger and Stag

Mood: boisterous

Locale: frozen tundra

Appearance: The door seems to open from the bottom up.

Size: The Bagger and Stag has 6 rooms and 4 patrons.

On the Menu

Goat Feet with Gin

Who would think to serve this?


You return to your room and it's been ransacked!

Haijen Urgaad and Oswyn Assim are flirting with the barmaid


Gransy Hopkins

Male Halfling Mage

Has a penchant for gambling.

Hmph! You tall folk are all the same. Arrogant.

Lily Mosi

Female Halfling Rogue

Is always checking over her shoulder.

A horse kicked me once...

Kurn Greygut

Male Dwarf Priest

Has a basilisk fang hanging around his neck.

Want to hear a story?

Lily Haggins

Female Halfling Mage

Has several dashing suitors.

Has anyone seen my gold? I lost my gold!