Zonia's Taphouse

Mood: comfortable

Locale: town

Appearance: There is a strange inscription above the door.

Size: Zonia's Tavern has 8 rooms and 5 patrons.

On the Menu

Cedar Smoked Salmon with White Wine

A classic pairing.


You step up to the bar to order a drink but the propietor glares at you with anger and refuses you service. You swear you've never met him before.

Maymay Urgaad and Gloin Earthbane seem to be talking about you.


Tor Plateface

Male Dwarf Paladin

Has a scar across his right cheek.

A spot by the fire, wench!

Ievos Ildroun

Male Elf Mage

Has a lazy eye.

A room with a view, if you don't mind.

Ragga Gurlad

Female Troll Warrior

Never backs down from a challenge.

Strong spirits! Make happy.

Felice Hawkdancer

Female Human Paladin

Has a very distracting wart on her nose.

Is it hot in here or is it me?

Telmara Mistrider

Female Elf Priest

Has a very distracting wart on her nose.

Humph. I should have just slept in the forest.