The Scrawny Watersellar Tavern

Mood: seedy

Locale: town

Appearance: Someone started painting the deck out front but the job is only half complete.

Size: The Scrawny Watersellar Taphouse has 2 rooms and 2 patrons.

On the Menu

Pepper Topped Flatbread with Red Wine

The red peppers on the flatbread are roasted.


You're feeling pretty good after winning your third round of Hunter's Hold'em. A cloaked figure takes the seat across from you. You ask what he wants to wager and he answers 'Your voice.' You chuckle, and shuffle the deck.

Vicart Seppi and Eldolas Irian are trying to haggle with the innkeep over the price of a room


Tenora Treesorrow

Female Elf Mage

Has a very distracting wart on her nose.

You call this a menu?

Gimli Greygut

Male Dwarf Rogue

Has a scar across his right cheek.

By the beard of...! Oh never mind, I thought you were someone else.