The Cheeky Bodger Inn

Mood: boisterous

Locale: frozen tundra

Appearance: You can't see the inside of the tavern because the windows are covered in frost.

Size: The Cheeky Bodger Inn has 8 rooms and 5 patrons.

On the Menu

Meatballs On Rice with Red Wine

Why no spaghetti?


You smile at the handsome barman as he pours your ale. Just as you think tonight will turn into a good one, he lunges at you with his dagger!

Pagna Hupp and Carol North looked directly at you as you walked in.


Rogda Kiplagat

Female Troll Mage

Is an insomniac.

Your cheapest room, innkeep!

Haijen Kiplagat

Male Troll Warlock

Tattoos cover his face and arms.

Strong spirits! Make happy.

Gransy Singh

Male Halfling Paladin

Has a third eye.

I may be small, but have you seen the size of my sword?

Kurn Coppergrip

Male Dwarf Paladin

Has a disgusting, hairy mole on his chin.

I want some ale and I want it now!

Jaryaya Urgaad

Male Troll Warrior

Always adjusting his... man parts.

Your cheapest room, innkeep!