The Moat and Weirkeeper

Mood: seedy

Locale: port city

Appearance: There is some sort of dog tied up outside.

Size: The Moat and Weirkeeper has 6 rooms and 4 patrons.

On the Menu

Mutton Shank with Griffon Horn Beer

The beer is particularly good.


Every day, just after midnight, a cloaked figure sits at the table in the corner. Many believe that he was once the infamous Pirate Roberts. The last five people to speak to him have all died under suspicious circumstances. No one has the nerve to approach him, but tonight someone will be forced to.

Ragga Rada and Maymay Rada kill each other fighting over a bottle of rum


Sibly Grumblebringer

Male Dwarf Priest

Said to be an excellent leader.

Av ya seen the red mountains? They're a sight to make any dwarf weep!

Gransy Hills

Female Halfling Ranger

Has a penchant for gambling.

I may be small, but have you seen the size of my sword?

Symon North

Male Human Warlock

Always adjusting his... man parts.

I used be an adventurer like you... then I took an arrow in the knee.

Tamra Treesorrow

Female Elf Paladin

Winks at everyone.