The Urban Steward Inn

Mood: comfortable

Locale: swamp

Appearance: The door seems to open from the bottom up.

Size: The Urban Steward Taphouse has 4 rooms and 3 patrons.

On the Menu

Ogre Eyeballs with Red Wine

A delicacy!


You smile at the handsome barman as he pours your ale. Just as you think tonight will turn into a good one, he lunges at you with his dagger!

Samwise Mosi and Thrim Stonefoot looked directly at you as you walked in.


Tamson Hills

Male Halfling Paladin

Has a penchant for gambling.

This ale tastes like cat piss.

Daolos Ildroun

Male Elf Warrior

Has orange hair.

So you can cast a few spells? Big deal!

Kurn Coppershoulder

Male Dwarf Warrior

Has a disgusting, hairy mole on his chin.

I want some ale and I want it now!