Birke's Tavern

Mood: weird

Locale: frozen tundra

Appearance: Red and blue stripes are painted on the walls and ceiling.

Size: Birke's Inn has 4 rooms and 3 patrons.

On the Menu

Meatballs On Rice with Red Wine

Why no spaghetti?


You enter the tavern and find Adras the gnome. Whom you believed dead.

Pagna Thestor and Rogda Gurlad are having a heated conversation


Felmaara Woodtide

Female Elf Rogue

Can't hold her liquor


Astrid Ash

Female Elf Warlock

Claims to have won many a beauty pageant.


Amra Mistrider

Female Elf Warlock

Never seen without her talking parrot.

You expect me to eat this?