My wife and I love Dungeons and Dragons.

There is nothing like exploring fantasic worlds and sharing adventures with friends. Our love of fantasy is so strong that we want to share it with the world. We want to wear it proudly on our sleeve.

But there is a problem...

Finding awesome stuff for RPG lovers is surprisingly hard. The vast majority of products available online are either terribly designed or designed for 12 year olds. That doesn't work for us because we are adults (sort of). Occasionally we find interesting and beautiful things for RPG fans but they are the exception not the rule.

We want to decorate our walls with fantastic maps, find beautifully illustrated stories, and imagination provoking clothing. We want to pay for artwork that will express our love for fantasy and that we are proud to display in our living room.

So we are going to make it happen. We are going to scour the corners of the internet for artists and items that capture the imaginations of RPG fans and meet a rigorous requirement of excellence.

We thought that you should be the first to know.

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